Pursoma Resurrection Bath

Pursoma Resurrection Bath

25.20 36.00

Detoxifies + softens

  • Energizes, combats fatigue

  • Restores drained essential minerals

This bath is no joke. Go primal. Made from pure, raw, vegan ingredients this revitalizing and deeply stimulating bath helps to unburden the body from toxins such as environmental irritants, overindulgence, and technological pollution. Reclaim your energy!

Pure. Potent. Powerful.

Wild Harvested Atlantic Kelp +
Organic Green Algae

laminaria digitata + chlorella vulgaris

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals.

  • Skin hydrating, soothing and softening.

  • Helps eliminate toxins.

  • Single Origin French Green Clay 

    • Draws out impurities and toxins.

    • Rich in active ionic trace minerals.

    • Alkalizing.

    • Hand Harvested French Grey Sea Salt 
      sodium chloride

      • Replenishes Electrolytes.

      • Supplies 82 trace minerals.

      • Helps eliminate toxins.

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