Siren Apothecary Launching This Month!

When Siren Salon launched 10 years ago, non-toxic hair care was only just beginning to come into the forefront of consciousness.  Always at the heart of Siren’s core values was an endeavor to find the most sustainable and ethical brands to work with, without sacrificing performance.  I looked at line after line and between “greenwashing” (which I’ll speak more on in a later post) and products that literally went rancid (a little problem when watered down product formulations are organic and lack natural preservatives and antimicrobials) I thought perhaps the search was an exercise in futility. 


Then, Oribe Haircare came to market, and I found high performance, luxury hair care that leverages natural actives and advanced technology without things like endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. Siren was the first salon in Marin to offer the Oribe line exclusively, and the line is the perfect complement to the effortless beauty look that we are known for here at Siren.


While I ticked that box for the salon, there were more and more events in my personal and professional life that were driving my pursuit of clean products for the salon and in general.  I had a stylist leave the industry due to an allergy to hair color. I was personally developing a case of contact dermatitis on my hand. I was hearing more and more stories of people in my community falling chronically or terminally ill. And finally, I decided that I wanted to start a family.  


Of course I try to eat clean and organic, and I keep my home as green and clean as possible, but with my undeniable passion for all things beauty, naturally I became most critical of the chemicals found in my every day beauty products.  Refusing to believe that luxury and natural beauty were exclusive terms, and with endless experimentation, I curated quite a selection of go-to products for the skin and body… from luxurious oils and serums to sunscreens and balms for the baby. 


Naturally, I report my findings to my family, friends and clients.  I can not count the times I’ve guided my clients to purchase things that I recommended a moment before, online with their smartphone, while still in my chair.  As most of the products I have found and fell in love with are indie labels that are under the mainstream radar, online was the only way.  


So, this is how over the last several years Siren Apothecary was growing as a concept, organically (pun not intended). The launch timing seems auspicious as it lines up perfectly with with other exclusive Siren milestones including offering PPD free hair color, the salon's Sustainability Certification by Green Circle, and our tenth anniversary. 


The green beauty movement has grown substantially over the last 10 years.  It’s no longer a natural foods store or fringe retail concept with stores like Credo hitting the scene. Editorially it’s no longer limited to bloggers alone as every major fashion publication from WWD to Vogue are featuring more and more green products.  Surprisingly, in spite of all this, Siren will be the first of it’s kind in Marin, offering a highly curated selection of non-toxic hair, beauty and body products and accessories in a downtown, main street boutique environment. 

nicole giannini

Siren Salon, 703 San Anselmo Avenue, San Anselmo, CA, 94960